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XIRTIZ is a TURSAB member tourism agency and government ceritified and supported health tourism company. Our main office is located in Istanbul, but we have footprints around Turkey, and and across Europe through many partnerships. We have a long history in medical field through offering digital solutions for health sector. The idea of being a player in health tourism area is a natural result of our numerous contacts and deep knowledge in the field. Being the solution partner for doctors, led us come to a point where we wanted to be solution partner for patients as well. We will inform you about the procedures you need. We will be a bridge between you and the doctor. We will arrange your stay here from A to Z. We will assist and accompany you in your language throughout your stay in Turkey. We will follow up your post-op needs. And finally when you are completely healed, we will still follow your regular check-ups if necessary. Our company is a female dominated entrepreneurship, working in harmony, not money driven but idealistic. Our goal is to serve our patients with love, care, sincerety and focus. We love helping people, seeing them happy. Currently, we are serving patients all over the world for treatments such as plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, gastric bypass, eye and ortopedic surgeries. Our team consists of health consultants speaking a variety of languages, and each has a deep knowledge of the medical area they are dealing with.


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